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Khalil Njoya

London Broncos academy # Brixton Bulls RLFC

Merci de m’avoir accueilli dans le groupe et j’espère que nous pourrons ensemble faire de grandes choses avec la Cameroon Rugby League.

Je crois à ce projet humain et je souhaiterai apporter mon expérience en tant que joueur et coach.

J’ai commencé à  jouer au Rugby à XIII a l’âge de 11 ans.

Voilà le reste en en Anglais.


I’ve played rugby league since early 2006 from the age of 11 and have been involved in the game ever since till today.

I’m currently 24 years old and have been in the game for the past 13 years.

I played for London Broncos academy and before that they were known as Harlequins rugby league.

Unfortunately injuries kept me off the field and then at the age of 19 I started coaching my local club Croydon hurricanes and I took charge of the U15s and in our first season we won the cup and the league together. I also coached the London junior origin squad which is our version of the state of Origin. I stuck around and watched those young lads become men and play alongside myself in the Brixton open age (men) and in 3 seasons of existence we made the grand final 3 times winning the last 2.

In my career I’ve played alongside super league players such as Dan Sarginson, Mike Mcmeekeen, Kieran Dickson, Mason Caron-Brown and John Bateman. There are many more championship players who I haven’t named.

I have also played rugby union for Surrey alongside England winger/fullback Anthony Watson.

Since I started coaching I’ve learned a lot more about the game and I am looking forward to being part of the Cameroon Rugby league and help out as much as I can.


Khalil Njoya






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